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Appreciation Poems

As you like It.

by W. Shakespeare

Blow, blow thou winter wind


The theme of the poem :

This is a beautiful poem that tells about friendship. Here the poet thinks that human friendship is feigning and hypocritical. It has no depth or Significance. He glorifies the winter wind. He thinks that winter wind is not so unkind as man`s ingratitude.


I have Seen Bengal`s Face

Jibanananda Das

Because I have Seen

          Everyone loves his own country. The poet reflects the same thing in this poem. Having been born in this country, the poet wishes to see no more countries in the world. He expresses both his pride and Sorrow Concerning this country.


September 1, 1939

by W.H Auden.

I sit on one of the

          War is the main theme of the poem. During the war, there is an environment of uncertainty and fear. Because of war, all the good hopes are gone. people live in despair. Waves of anger prevail all over. War brings about the destruction and death of innocent people.


The Schoolboy

by William Blake

I love to rise in a

The main idea of the poem is about the innocence and tenderness of Childhood. A Child naturally loves a Summer morning, birds chirping, huntsmen`s horns, and Skylark`s song. Going to School in the morning, a child can`t enjoy these natural bounties. So School Should be Children friendly.


The Traffic police

Amidst killer Speed, I stand

          The work of traffic police is praiseworthy. He works for the safety of the common people. Even he has to work amidst killer Speeds. Though it is sunny and rainy, he is always vigil. But we don`t honor him as he deserves.


The School Boy

by William Blake

O father and mother

          The main idea of the poem is the innocence and tenderness of Childhood. The poet addresses the parents to be Sympathetic to their Children. If the Children are sent to a School of cruel environment, they will lose all their innocence and lead a joyless life.


The Lake Isle of Innisfree

by W.B yeats

I will arise and go now

          The theme of the poem is the poet`s desire to live in close contact with nature. In cities, people lose all human compassion and conscience. So the poet dreams to go to the lake island Innisfree where he will have a peaceful life.



by D.H. Lawrence

All people dream but

          Dreaming at night is not harmful to others, because people who dream while sleeping, just forget everything in the morning. But those who dream by day can cause harm to others. They can do anything to materialize their dream.



by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams

          The importance of dreams in our life is the main theme of the poem. Without dreams, our life will be dull and hopeless. So we have to cherish dreams to be successful in life. If we fail once, we should dream afresh. The dream will one day bring us success.


   She walks into Beauty

by Lord Byron

(She walks in beauty

          It is a very romantic poem by Lord Byron. The theme of the poem is a woman`s exceptional beauty, internal as well as external. The above lines describe the feelings of a lover or the poet. Here the poet expresses the physical beauty of his beloved.


I Died for Beauty

by Emily Dickinson.

I died for beaut

The speaker says that she died for beauty. She is not alone. There lay a man next to her who died for truth. The man declared that truth and Beauty are the same and so he and the speaker are “Brethren.’’


by Ralph Hodgson

TIME, You old gypsy

          The main theme of the poem is the value of time. Time never stops. It always runs and runs. For this, the poet names time an old gypsy. It is not possible to stop time by offering different valuable things. It goes in its own way.


Under the Greenwood Tree

by W. Shakespeare.

Under the greenwood tree

The theme of the poem `under the Greenwood Tree’ is friendship. The speaker asks his friend to come and sing with him under the tree. Here he will find friendship and happiness. The sweet voice of birds will make him feel relaxed. Under the tree, he will have no enemy except winter and rough weather.


To Daffodils

by Robert Herrick

Fair Daffodils, We weep

          The theme of the poem is the transience of human life like daffodil flowers. The daffodils fade away even before the midday sun arrives. Likewise, human life is also transient. And like the pearls of morning dew. a lost life is never found again.



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The Charge of the Light Brigade.

by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Half a league, half a

          There are several themes in the poem above. Death, duty, honor and respect, warfare, and Courage are major of them. A commander does not stop though he knows there is dead ahead. He must command his soldiers until his death. Similarly, the soldiers obeying the command will charge the enemy forces that had been seizing their guns. They will not hesitate to head into the valley of death.


Stopping woods on a snowy evening

by Robert Frost.

Whose woods these are

          In this didactic poem, the beautiful woods enamor the rider, and his horse reminds him of his moral obligations. The poet draws a balance between the practical world of men and the beautiful world of fantasy. He feels the need for completing his duties in the mortal world before absorbing himself in the joyful fantasies of life.


I wandered lonely as a cloud.

by W. Wordsworth

(I wandered lonely as a

          The above lines are about the soothing power of nature. Nature has the tremendous power of making people feel happy. Nature is spiritual, uplifting, and soul-cleansing. If we all took time to revitalize by taking a walk and enjoying simple things like daffodils dancing in the breeze, our quality of life would be tenfold.


We Squander health

          The theme of the poem is running after the wealth of human beings. Human beings run after wealth squandering their health. But what they get at last is nothing but a stone in their grave.

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