redmi note 9 merlin test point

Redmi Note 9 Cpu Type

You may face a problem while flashing or unlocking the Redmi Note 9 phone.”It’s not booting”It is nothing to worry about. we mostly face this problem when we go to unlock Redmi Note 9 pin pattern, or when redmi note 9 FRP issue. Redmi Note 9 can’t boot while doing dead phone repair.I thought it was snapdragon ic.Retail opens the phone and looks for edl mood or test point for a long time


redmi note 9 edl pointRedmi Note 9 Edl Point

But tried a lot and couldn’t find the Redmi note 9 test point mode. At one point I was thinking of returning the phone to the customer. If it seems correct at that time, try once by pressing volume up and volume down. Thought is action: Prepare the file again and connect the USB by pressing volume up and volume down, Along with the software, the Redmi Note 9 phone has started

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Note : 

This Phone CPU Ic IS MediaTek so no need for Edl and Test Point. You Can Easily unlock and flash redmi note 9 with press Volume Plus And Volume –

redmi note 9


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